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Cebiche de La Playa Escondida 

How could I have a food blog in Peru and not talk about Ceviche?

The raw fish delicacy arguably originates from present-day Peru and represents one of the country’s signature dishes. Frequently served with sweet potato, onions, and corn, the fish is marinated in a collection of  citrus juices and spiced with aji pepper. Peru’s lengthy coastal regions along the Pacific provide the perfect environment for raw fish consumption and in turn, a fresh taste of the waters.

While in Lima, I consumed a lot of delicious ceviche. However, my best experience yet with the traditional dish has to be our tour guide, Augusto’s ceviche lesson at his family’s home on La Playa Escondida, just two hours outside of Lima. After a brief obstacle of consuming raw aji, I was able to watch Augusto blend the lemon and lime juices in which he marinated the (tilapia) ceviche. Served with each of the classic seasonings, Augusto’s ceviche tasted fresh out of the ocean with each bite more savory than the last.

For any fan of seafood, I would highly recommend ceviche. Yet, please be wary that good ceviche comes from coastal regions. For instance, I’m not consuming much ceviche here in Arequipa because I am surrounded by the mountains, not the sea. Eat fresh and you’ll be feeling far from fishy!

Photo Credit: Patrick Braxton-Andrew

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