post4 // a new kind of olive bread


Pan de Aceituna

The world is split between two different types of people: those who enjoy the salty bite of an olive and those who detest the sight. I stand with the former, but only as of recent. Three years ago, I had never tasted an olive. I didn’t like them because of the way they looked and smelled.

Well, I was wrong.

I am happy that I grew to love olives prior to my time in Peru. Today, I eat them for breakfast with ham and cheese on a piece of flat bread.  Sometimes I eat them with lunch and other times, I eat them AGAIN for dinner. Olives are everywhere here, enough said.

When I ordered a portion of olive bread at one of my favorite spots here in Arequipa, La Canasta, I was expecting to receive a piece of bread with a hint of olive flavoring inside. To my still unconvinced surprised, a small basket was placed in front of me, bearing a large piece of french bread covered in olive bits. I was perplexed. I sat in my seat staring at the bread that seemed very foreign to me. Yet, I didn’t sit for long given the fact that I am always a craving diner. I grasped the olive bread and quickly, my puzzling expression shifted to one of pure delight. Although I shouldn’t have marveled at the warmth between my two hands, I am still getting used to the way bakeries here heat up everything for you. It is so wonderful! Why don’t bakeries do that in the States? Anyways, I took my first bite out of the olive bread and instantly received verification for my order. The inside was buttery and the bread’s dough was filled with large olive fragments that cut the richness with a salty kick.

Since first ordering the bread two weeks ago (originally a recommendation from my friend Kate), I have enjoyed it’s company as my mid-morning snack over and over again.

This won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing about my visits to La Canasta. My frequent trips have uncovered their delectable croissants and more!


  1. when I moved to California I couldn’t get over that there were olive trees were growing all over! I love olives! Ant Mary

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